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My name is Jack English and I am a movement lover at heart. My main passions are Performing Arts and Parkour. I have always enjoyed performing as a kid in play’s, dance shows and theater, to make people smile.

Before I started Practicing the art of Parkour I did Martial arts. Seven years training ‘Won Hwa Do’ and receiving Maroon Belt for Instructor level. When Parkour first arrived on the TV and internet it took my interest and gave me a new perspective in life. I had a desire to explore, test my own capabilities and perform in a new way.

Many years later I am still training and the next chapter has begun: Making a career out of Performing what I do Best.

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Need stunt athlete from Ireland?

I am organised and flexible irish athlete who likes defeating fear and his outcomes.

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I can teach you or your kids to be more fit. Parkour and Freerunning really does care about your body and mind.

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I can be at your movie or your commercial ad, just call me or contact via mail

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