08/10/2016 Photo-shoot in Dublin City

“Freerunning at heights” it’s a challenging feat of strength and comfort.


I had the pleasure of working together with an awesome dude named Zima who is an ex-extreme-rollerblader who is now the perfect photographer for anything extreme including taking photo’s at heights. A pleasure to work with.


  1. Here is a selection of photo’s we got in the space of 2-3 hours one grey dull day (which is why most pictures are B+W). The idea for the day was to get angles shooting towards the ground which meant being high up. No permissions were granted for roof scenes but this added to the freedom feeling of the shots, like the birds around me.


I love facing new challenges and I have never done a shoot like this.

Getting this shot (^above) was an interesting experience. First we scouted out the perfect angle to shoot from and I would say where I could possibly flip from or stand or Jump from. Picking 2 locations in-case the other didn’t work out so at least we’d still get a usable shot for my efforts. Planning was quick and easy enough, all I had to do was get onto location. I was already there before so I knew exactly what I had to do and how to do it.


This was the first idea for this particular shoot location. Back-flipping above a roof top with a clear background. The only good option was to flip from this railing. It is the most awkward object I’ve ever had to backflip off of. A great challenge. The rail was angled at 45 degrees to the edge of the roof and flat surface. One foot in front of the other getting my balance on a thin hand rail I was ready to jump. I knew I was only going to get one shot at this or I would risk security catching on I was up there. Made sure I was 100% ready and did the flip. This is the result (^above).



The first location of the day started here. I knew this would be a great location for the photographer to get comfortable with shooting at heights and prep the day ahead.


This was a simple action for me to do yet very effective as a shot. At first I was trying to figure out what to do with this gap so I leaped over it. Zima got the shot but wasn’t happy with it. So I decided to mess around and play with the rail guarding it. It surprisingly made a cool shot.

NOTE: Not all impressive freerunning moves make great pictures. It is most often the simple ones that stand out. For video on the other hand it’s slightly different.


This shot was apparently the most scary of all for the photographer to shoot. On the other side of this railing was a 5 story drop onto hard concrete. Not a fall I’d like to take. I have always enjoyed balancing on sturdy obstacles, this rail was strong enough for me. There was no wind, the surfaces were all dry, it was the perfect condition to complete the challenge except for 20 or so loud girls below me roaring and saying things like ‘Don’t fall’ at me, which didn’t help really. So once I took about 6 steps I turned to the side a flipped off onto safe grounds, disappearing from the crowd. That was the last shot on this location.


Trinity college and it’s wonderful architecture provided an interesting place for engaging action.

This head stand was quite tricky as it was a completely curved surface which made hand placement hard to get right. Sure enough I faced the challenge and we got the shot! This sphere also swivels around and one little girl almost spun it while i was up there. Her parents had to drag her away.

All in all a beautiful day out and back to the day job straight after. Couldn’t be happier with the out-come.


Thanks for reading,

Jack English (Performance athlete)

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